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Our range of weatherproof ruggedised electronics have been designed to allow complete satellite terminal integration without the need for indoor cases and long, expensive and heavy cross-site cables.


Modules include IP Modems, WIFI routers, DC to DC conversion, GSM off-air monitoring, and control.

Ruggedised Modems

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IP modems

Holkirk offers a range of waterproof IP modems for either use with our tactical terminals or as a stand-alone modem. The systems are fully enclosed for outdoor use and have IP65 rated connectors for RF, Ethernet, and power. 

Modems include: Teledyne, ST Engineering, Idirect, Newtec, UHP, HUGHES

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Wifi and ethernet router

The rugged IP range of WiFi access points and routers forms the heart of a multi-bearer IP delivery solution and incorporates multiple WAN connection system including WiFi, Satellite or GSM.


The IP65 enclosure can be directly located onto our ruggedised IP satellite modem

platform, or can be used as a standalone IP gateway for GSM / WAN / WiFi connections.

Models include : CISCO, Pepwave

dc to dcbattery.296.png

Battery operation and dc to dc conversion

Our ruggedised electronics range can be powered from an IP67 AC/DC power brick or direct DC powered from batteries via the Holkirk DC to DC converter.

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off-air monitor control

Holkirk offers a range of integrated electronics to allow the terminal to communicate via an off-air M&C port via GSM or Iridium satellite modem. This is used in conjunction with our terminal M&C protocol package.

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