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The TP100  is the latest in the ultra-fast, quick-deployable antenna systems from Holkirk Communications. It is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent use, with uplink speeds in excess of 10Mbps. Complete with a pricing structure that delivers better value than traditional services, the TP100  can even support pre-booked and ad-hoc demands for service and bandwidth. Flexibility – The unique design of the TP100 allows for a variety of different BUC power levels and the option of either Ka or Ku band.

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simple pointing controls

No tools assembly with built in analogue inclinometer for back up peaking

Fine adjust controls

Fine adjustment on Azimuth and Elevation allows for accurate peaking to give maximum performance

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TP-100 pol knob.176.jpg

Compact rf design

Direct mounted RF and Polarisation adjustment to reduce the performance losses from BUC to feed giving maximum power to the satellite

sand feet

All our systems have the option to have sand feet for stability on soft terrain. Stack extra weight on top or bolt/peg to the ground for extra stability

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Quick setup

The system is set up using fixing knobs and spring-loaded location pins making setup a completely tool-free process. With only 3 major components it's possible to get operational in under 5 minutes. 

The system is set up using twistable fixing knobs and spring-loaded shafts, making setup a toolless job. Getting rid of the need for transmission teams to carry additional travel weight such as tool bags brings down over-all transport costs for Holkirk Products. 

Featuring a fold-out feed arm. We have been able to drastically minimise the size and number of major parts for this system. Ultimately making it our second smallest system while still providing considerable transmission power.

Transport cases

Holkirk provides customers with rugged, transport cases to transport their new products between locations safely.

These custom-made cases are light and mobile. Filled with protective foam, you can rest easy that your systems have all the protection they need on short or long-haul trips.

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We specifically allocate parts to a particular case to ensure no case exceeds 25Kg. In addition to reducing the chances of injury while lifting, this gives our customers the freedom to fly with their equipment while avoiding costly additional baggage charges.