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Government & Defence

Holkirk provides a range of tactical satcoms terminals, enabling tactical communications, especially up to the second orders and territory information, to be conveyed from one command, person, or place to another within a tactical force

Operating in X, Ku and Ka-band the lightweight robust designs have been adopted by several military, homeland security and emergency services around the globe.

Ground based tactical terminals

Quick deploy tactical terminals provide front line personnel and emergency first responders access to up to date critical information from any location. This allows faster and better decision making in the field.. Simple and quick to build in the chosen theatre of operations. tactical  terminals from Holkirk give small groups, forward patrol bases and field command bases, access to communication capabilities that just a few years ago would have been limited to 'tent city' headquarters.

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Vehicle Solutions

In modern military campaigns and homeland security emergencies, ‘out-of-area’ missions are becoming increasingly frequent. These missions require a communication network which can be deployed quickly in hostile environments, receive and broadcast information with the utmost reliability at all times. Vehicle mounted satcoms systems provide a solution to this most demanding of applications.

Defence and homeland security organisations trust Holkirk to provide satcoms solutions to meet their needs.

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