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QD 98 - 0.98m Quick Deploy Antenna

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The QD range of light weight mobile antenna systems will allow you to take a high speed internet connect with you, where ever you go. 

The robust design includes a choice of either 69cm, 76cm or 98cm reflectors, ‘no-tools’ assembly, quick assemble feed arm, quick deploy tri-pod, inclinometer and fine adjust on Azimuth and Elevation. The tri-pod has detachable feet to allow for ground anchors to be fitted ensuring maximum stability for reliable operation. The lightweight, high quality and reliable construction in conjunction with the X5 IP modem will ensure excellent performance even at the extremities of satellite footprint. 

Due to the real time delivery of mobile internet and the webcasting environment, transmissions require uninterrupted and jitter-free connections. The QD network utilizes Deterministic TDMA (D-TDMA) technology to manage time slot allocation and a proprietary protocol processor to manage data queuing, handling, segmentation and reassembly (SAR) to ensure the highest levels of packet integrity and eliminate jitter. 

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