KA-Band VSAT Antennas

QD 77 - 0.77m Quick Deploy Antenna

KA-Band VSAT Antennas

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 The QD-77 and QD-77 Precision are the latest in the Holkirk Ka Band satellite terminal family and have been designed to access the pan-european, Eutelsat Ka-Sat network. 

For either stand-alone remote internet access or as part of a bonded 3G/4G system, the QD-77 is a fast, accurate and re-deployable system that will provide up to 10Mbits/sec upload speeds with guaranteed confirmed information rates. 

The QD-77 can be used across Europe with 8 down link gateways ensuring full redundancy and maximum operational up-time. 

To make satellite access as simple as possible there is an online booking system that will allow you to pre-book air time and an easy to use smart phone app to assist in pointing the antenna manually. 

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