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web streaming

Webcasting, also known as Live Internet Broadcasting, is the fastest growing trend in the entertainment and video industry. It is the process of pushing live video with audio across the internet in real time, as it happens! So, whether you are an artist, promoter, or venue, there are many benefits to webcasting.

Why Is Satellite Used For Live Video Broadcasting?

In a sentence... Satellite is a guaranteed predictable connection.

A single wireless connection (3G/4G) is a shared connection which means speeds are not predictable, and flow control is not reliably timed... both of which stop or drop a live video stream. Satellite's predictability assures a successful transmission every time. For most productions, loss of signal is not an option, and the use of satellite simply outweighs any other delivery method.

With the implementation of High Throughput Satellites technology and high power Ka-Band transponders the use of low cost terminals / space segment is a revolution to the web streaming and mass content deliver market.

Maximising the benefits of the latest IP satellite modems from leading companies like iDirect, ViaSat and Hughes the satellite IP broadcasting market is becoming accessible to more companies who wish to provide high quality content from remote location or were the wired broadband is slow or unreliable.

The Holkirk solution offers a high quality light weight satellite terminal with the latest IP modem technology and low cost, high throughput satellite air time that allows real time IP broadcasting and web content delivery from remote locations and poor LAN locations.

Product used for broadcasting;

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