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TP120 Flyaway In Australia

The Peter Baker Group has just returned from Australia after covering the successful first test of the Ashes series. The broadcast was achieved using the latest antenna loan package from Holkirk. The Peter Baker Group delivered a seamless MPEG 4 HD dual path broadcast back to the UK for the complete 1st test over the Australian owned satellite Optus. The superb performance and excellent 24/7 support from Holkirk has once again enabled the Peter Baker Group to deliver a world class service to a major news network.

“Sky decided to front their Ashes special reports from Brisbane for the First Test. The stadium was not a very good back drop so a location was found at Kangaroo Point; this is a recreation area next to the river with the city centre as a back drop. Sky erected a marquee which was used as a studio where a presenter fronted the show and had interviews with various guests like Sir Ian Botham and other well know cricket greats. We transmitted on the hour for 30 minutes each hour on the days of the Test live into Sky’s Sports News programs at 06:00 through to 10:00 and again from 17:00 through to 22:00. The transmissions were dual path M-PEG 4 HD with a total transmission time of 11 hours per day. The TP 120 performed perfectly and passed all Optus approval tests”

Peter Baker - Managing Director

Peter Baker Group

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