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TP100 Live Event Broadcasting In London

LiveFi provides a live streaming service for the UK music industry, broadcasting live events from venues to the web as they happen. However, many venues suffer from poor internet connectivity and the demand for mobile data services during the event means 3G/4G is not reliable enough to support both mobile services and high quality streaming. To overcome these challenges LiveFi needed a cost effective, quick to deploy and implement / simple to operate connectivity solution.

The Solution

Holkirk provided a solution using the BIPs ‘Go-Capture’ bookable air time service coupled with a robust and portable satellite terminal to deliver a live music event straight to the web, generating additional revenue and publicity for the band, the managing agents, and the venue.

With the solution Holkirk offered, LiveFi was able to stream a full HD video and audio broadcast in real-time straight to the web from the event held in central London, delivered at speeds in excess of 10Mbps and using four different bit rates the concert was viewed on multiple platforms including PC, smartphone and tablet.

The event was a great success, generating revenue and awareness for the band and its promoter

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