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The scorpion Manpack is our fastest deployment system. Its light weight and compact size make it easy to handle and manoeuvre into position.  An advantage of its compact size is that the Scorpion can access transmission locations our other, larger systems simply would not be able to reach. The Manpack system is the ideal choice for setting up coms quickly, anywhere.

Transport cases

Holkirk provides customers with rugged, transport cases to protect their new products between locations safely.

​These custom-made cases are light and mobile. Filled with protective foam, you can rest assured that your systems have all the protection they need on short or long-haul trips.

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We specifically allocate part locations within the packaging to ensure the case does not exceed 25Kg. In addition to reducing the chances of injury while lifting, this gives our customers the freedom to fly with their equipment while avoiding costly, additional baggage charges.

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In the field

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Elevation fine


Accurately adjust the elevation with the fine-tuning rotary knob for a stronger signal.

Brake/release and azimuth fine adjustment lever

Easily adjust the azimuth position then eliminate any unwanted movement with the simple 'push down, pull up' brake system.

pointing assistant

The scorpion is supplied with the Holkirk MPAD pointing assistant that uses GPS and a range of solid-state sensors to give real time position of the satellite and easy pointing method. The MPAD will give a visual and audio indication of signal strength and satellite lock.

Bayonette feed

Quick to assemble precisely into position for all frequency bands.

Scorpion manpack terminal

The Scorpion Manpack can be supplied in X, Ku or Ka-Bands with reflector sizes of 60cm, 80cm & 1.0m. All the frequency and size options can still be packed away in a single carry case with all the equipment required to uplink including the Holkirk MPAD point assist unit, cables and throw down power supply.

​The latest in manufacturing methods and material selection has allowed the Scorpion to become recognised as the ultimate in man-pack terminals.

Available with aim assist

The new Antenna Interface Module (AIM) developed by Holkirk assists with the automatic acquisition process. The controller can be used on a range of Holkirk products that are available with auto-pointing capabilities. 

AIM was designed to be user friendly, taking users through the acquisition process set by step, showing the user what stage of acquisition the antenna is at using graphics. These graphics will indicate and show at which point through the acquisition process the controller is at and, should there be any issues with acquiring, give advice on how to resolve the issue

AIM is suitable for users with little or lots of training.  The acquisition process can be as easy as a click of a button but AIM also offers the ability for engineers to alter acquisition data as they wish.

AIM is a great asset to have, making acquisitions seamless and easy for everyone. watch our video below for a run-through of how the AIM controller works.

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