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The TP100 auto-pointing antenna system from Holkirk is part of the renowned TP series well known for its compact size, lightweight and powerful performance which have been designed to excel in today’s increasingly demanding mobile terminal market place.

EASE OF USE The user-friendly modular design of the TP100 antenna allows for simple, fast and accurate location and acquisition of the satellite, either as a manually controlled mount or as a fully auto-pointing and motorised system, there are no tools required to assemble the TP100 within 10 mins from the hardened transport cases.

VERSATILE The novel lightweight and sturdy tripod design includes a truly versatile BUC system with integrated dual-band Ku-Band amplifier mounted directedly onto the system neatly doing away with the long lengths of fragile flexible wave-guide normally associated with flyaway systems.

COMPACT The TP100 system will be supplied in 3 hardened transport cases and will operate in both HI and LOW Ku-Band giving excellent performance and the choice of satellite operators and transponders.

AIM CONTROL The TP100 antenna Interface Module (AIM) is a fully featured 3 axis control system for mobile antenna systems. The AIM uses feedback from an array of sensors and positional indicators to allow the system to accurately auto-point at a predetermined satellite. The antenna positional data of the geo-location data is attained from the instrument set of the GPS, Inclinometer, and Magnetometer.

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