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TP120 - 1.2m 6 Segment Carbon Fibre Flyaway

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Manufactured from carbon fibre , aluminium alloy and performance engineering polymers, the complete system has been designed to perform in the harshest of environments where fast deployments are essential. The antenna is supplied with a high quality mode-matched feed giving better than 35 dB Xpol performance. The digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) TP120 antenna system has been designed for and operated by news agencies worldwide. The simple approach and modular construction allows for copious solutions based around our already field proven flyaway broadcaster antenna systems. 

  • IATA compliant
  • Mode-matched feed (better than 35dB XPOL)
  • Quickly deployable (no-tools)
  • High gain 1.2M 6 segment reflector
  • No-Tools operation
  • Manual, 3 axis jog or full auto-pointing
  • Integrated HPA, BUC and LNB
  • 5M cross site cables
  • Two case solution

For applications where you need to be ready to cover a news story anywhere in the world, the IATA compliant TP120 flyaway system is the solution for you. With a 1.2M reflector and capacity for up to 400W HPA, the compact size and high EIRP makes the TP120 suitable for both SD/HD applications. The TP120 can be controlled with either manual input, a 3 axis jog control (ACU100) or the full auto-point controller. (ACU200 - Ipoint) The ACU200 has integrated GPS and DVB receiver and is fully upgradeable for inclined orbit tracking using either a DVB or beacon receiver