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RM150 - Vehicle Mount

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The range includes either 3 axis jog control or full auto-pointing facility including inclined orbit tracking functionality. The RM150 can incorporate single thread or 1:1 redundant HPA’s up to 400W. 

The RM150 is an exceptional digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) antenna designed for today’s modern News Gathering professionals. The range includes either 3 axis jog control or full auto-pointing facility including inclined orbit tracking functionality. 

The RM series of DSNG antennas from Holkirk are designed to excel in today’s demanding DSNG environment, with excellent attention to mechanical detail and high performance material selection, the RM series of antennas will provide many years of continuous service in the harshest of applications. 

  • 1.5m reflector
  • Carbon off-set antenna
  • Exceptional value
  • Up to 400W integrated 1:1 Tx power (RM150)
  • 3 axis manual jog controller
  • Full auto-pointing options 


The Satellite Acquisition Controller uses industry standard position transducers and a sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm to confirm and refine its heading information using visible satellites. The controller is mounted on the antenna structure with a separate power supply and control panel in a rack mount unit for mounting within the equipment area. 

Ease of use

The system is simple to install, set up and use. Following relocation of the antenna, the system will reliably and accurately locate and lock on to the designated traffic satellite, typically in less than 3 minutes from stowed